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Structural review of the El Salto viaduct

  • PROJECT NAME: Structural review of the El Salto Viaduct
  • LOCATION: Santiago, Chile
  • FEATURES: The bridge has 3 spans -55, 90 and 60 m long, respectively, measured along the center axis of the viaduct-, from south to north. The deck consists of two steel box-girders, supported on two bents and abutments. The board has a width of 21.7 m, a radius of curvature of 370 m, a banking slope of 6.9% and an inclination of 7.4%.
  • YEAR: 2007-2008
  • CALCULATION TYPE: Nonlinear Analysis of the assembly sequence of steel beams and concrete deck slab of the viaduct, and; structural review of the bridge and the elements of supporting bents. Design of reinforcement for steel beams according to the new concreting sequence of the deck. Monitoring of vertical displacements.