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Testing Laboratory Area

The Structural & Vibration Monitoring Area offers a comprehensive package of services for the field and laboratory evaluation of technical situation for installation with structures & equipment, caused both by operational vibrations, seismic loads, and structural constraints of every kind. The overall list of services are the following.

Structural diagnosis inspection
Structural Inspections for Equipment, Sub-systems or Structures, which could require of deeper diagnosis techniques. Some of the considered services under these diagnostics are the following:

  • Structural Drawings Comparison
  • Geometrical & Damage Surveying
  • Concrete Damage Surveying
  • Non-destructive Tests for Concrete, Steel and other materials
  • Measuring & Evaluation of Differential Floor Displacements

Vibrations Inspections Diagnosis
Vibration Inspections for the Diagnosis of Equipment, Sub-Systems and/or Structures, for Industrial Facilities, complementary with Preventive Maintenances, Structural Reinforcement Studies, or Special Studies. The Analysis scenarios are the following:

  • Programmed Maintenances Vibration Monitoring
  • Vibration Studies
  • Monitoring during Blast Operations & Civil Works
  • Personnel Dosimetry for Noise & Vibration

Load testing in instalations
Our company performs load testing for existing structures, for the empirical verification of its serviceability. Also, Pile Driving Monitored testing (PDA Tests) and Load Tests for Piles are offered. Currently, the following needs are covered:

  • Load Tests for Structural Verification
  • Load Tests for the Verification of the Structural Capacity on Driven Piles
  • PDA Tests for the Estimation of the Structural Capacity on Driven Piles during a Driving Process

Structural Health Monitoring Systems
Our company offers the Specification, Procurement and Commissioning of specialized instrumentation for the Structural Monitoring of Vibrations on installations. It is considered both the Operational and the Seismic Health Monitoring.

Special Laboratory and Field Testing
Focusing on special requirement on certain projects and clients, for structures, processes or equipment. This package of services is focused to help our client in answer any structural safety concerns that could arise over any structure.

Laboratory Seismic Tests
The Design and Execution of Seismic Tests on DICTUC or other National Accredited and/or recognized laboratory, over Special Connections and Mounting Systems, designed for specifical applications. It comprehends the client service, which require an experimental backup for special constructive solutions and which introduces a greater impact on the project, in order to offer a technical support for Contractors under External Reviews, under Project Technical Inspections, under Certification Organisms, or under any other Inspection Organisms.